Happiness as we see it


Happiness is the only thing we all want from our lives and in order to achieve it we are willing to do anything. But we forget as we walk on path of achieving happiness that it is solely dependent on our actions and choices we make. There is no successful formula for happiness, but staying away from negative people who create negative energy around you. These kind of people are always focus on terrible things happened to them, always seeing negative in everything, afraid of thinking positive and always blaming others for everything bad happened to them, that kind of people are not only toxic to themselves but are toxic to everyone around them.

Be happy by focusing on good things you have in your life, think positive, and be content on what you have but that does not mean that you stop dreaming or striving better things in life. Do things which make you happy and give peace of mind. Include all those elements and people which create positive impact on you and around you. You only need to have clear cut idea about the things which are essential for a content and satisfied life and try to embrace them in your life.


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