Letter to my Latest Street Abuser

Siobhan Tebbs

International Women’s Day seems like a good time to record and share this poem. I’ve been dismayed by all the people putting comments on news articles attempting to downplay the oppression of women in my home country (example).

I wrote this last year after a particularly bad incident of sexist-homophobic street harassment in London. People tell us to ‘ignore it’ and get on with our day, but I never could. It made me angry. I believe in channeling our anger towards creating things. I believe that beneath the anger we can even make bids for connection with those who harm us.

Letter to My Latest StreetAbuser
Dear friend
You seem to forget
You’re the same as me
Survivors of reality
Hearts beating rapidly
Lost in the sea
Of our venom
As you spit yours at me
Did you actually
Just unzip your jeans?
Do you understand

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