Short Story

Her name was Isha, she was a patient of brain tumour stage IV and I was her nurse. Everyday she was moving a step closer to death but instead of getting cocky or sad she was happy and content, she used to say ” I have lived my life and have no regrets, im ready to go.” Her calmness always strike me how could a person be so calm? When you have no one around your death-bed. She knew about my irritation so one day when I was checking her pulse, she said you will never understand me until you know what I have been through. It was it in that moment I understand her sufferings, pain and loneliness. So everyday after my shift I sat beside her and listened her story of braveness, not giving up and to believe in yourself.

“He was my once a upon a time”, she said. The moment I met him I knew something is different, something sparked inside me. Not knowing what this journey holds I decided to go on….. At first it was only sweet, melody friendship… Months passed, years passed….. Then one day he said most beautiful, magical three words that I never expected to hear from any one because I was determined that Love is a state of mind….
Like all love stories, it was same filled with moments of happiness, smiling alone, listening to love songs which all of sudden start making sense… And the end was same too, resulting in broken hearts.
I was never able to heal my heart and myself, the moments were stuck with me, and it was like that time was moving forward and I were struck in one motion… Unable to move forward, al the feelings turned into numbness.
They say time heal everything, but I don’t believe in it, I believe time doesn’t heal anything its us who decided to step forward with emptiness within us, hoping one day some one will fill those empty holes within us.
My emptiness was filled by my husband, at least that’s what I thought in beginning, but soon that converted into beating, crying, apologizing I accepted al this as my fate and made comprised with my current situation.
It was cancer who made me a fighter; I realized my life is ending so y doesn’t make it worth living…. So I put my entire act together and got divorced, against every one blessings. People can never understand your pain until they go through from the same pain…
I paid a heavy price for my courage; every one left me even my own family, according to them I bought shame to family and to society. The truth is that I was never a person who lived by society rules…
As today I lie on my death-bed alone, still I vet no regrets because I always believe in living in moments and that’s what I did my whole life…

After uttering those words she passed away. I didn’t feel sad for her.
I will always pray for her because she had given me something that I lost a long time ago……


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