Preparing yourself for the worst

I am that think of person who always believe in ‘preparing yourself for the worst’. Whenever I wanted to do something  in advance I calculated bad outcomes. In this way I save myself from disappointment and sadness , this doesn’t mean that I lose hope or I don’t give my 100% effort it is simply my mechanism for saving myself from the feeling of failure.

By calculating my loss in the beginning I know what I am getting myself into and if it doesn’t happen the way I wanted at least I know what I will be facing.


13 Life Changing Lessons To Learn From Rumi — BayArt

Rumi left us so much wisdom and insight through his beautiful, yet powerful poetry that applies just as much today as it did in the 13th century. You won’t believe it how much wisdom and how so much power there is in his words. It’s incredible. He gave us a unique perspective about the universe and life……

via 13 Life Changing Lessons To Learn From Rumi — BayArt


How people can be so low? Why they always called me when they are in need? I mean who am I to you? Your life saver or your punching bag? and when I have provided the comfort they were looking for, then they totally forgot about me…

And the circle continues…..

I prefer to say no but that is word i have to learn….




Days goes by and nothing has changed. Everything is static, same routine and same conversations with same people. Although today where I stand is much better place then I was before.

But still feels something is missing which I can not figure out maybe I am so used too of living in dark that when finally there is light in my life it is hurting my eyes.

How some one can move on when some how every day you are reminded of your past…..


The same old blanket we wear it everyday but never thought it’s importance. To us it is just a blanket which protect us from cold and keep us warm. But we forget how important it is in our life, should ask it’s importance from poor who sleeps on cold floor with nothing to protect him against harsh cold.

That’s human psyche always taking things for-granted whether it is life, relationship, job. We always want to have what others have and in that struggle we lost what we had.