' Move on', 'Forget everything, it's past now'.

That's what I hear in the end of my story when I tell someone.

Today I am content and happy where I am.

But still in a distant memory, it is all there….



The same old blanket we wear it everyday but never thought it’s importance. To us it is just a blanket which protect us from cold and keep us warm. But we forget how important it is in our life, should ask it’s importance from poor who sleeps on cold floor with nothing to protect him against harsh cold.

That’s human psyche always taking things for-granted whether it is life, relationship, job. We always want to have what others have and in that struggle we lost what we had.



He said he loves me from bottom of his heart and I am his everything. 

But at the same time his love has conditions, as far I am fulfilling them he loves me and when I am not then I am nothing to him.

How foolish of me to believe that love exists when it is only a state of mind.


In the past month, I was fighting with my past monsters, it consumes all the energy from you, no matter how hard you try something of it always find a way to make you remember all of it, wether it is a word or something you read.

Its no use of forgiving, people always find a way to hurt you again and I am tired of forgiving.

All I wanted is to move forward, with no attachment to my past. But I guess it is my wishful thinking because that can never happen.



Today the world we live in has made ourselves dirty. Here no one is innocent we all have done something in our lives which was wrong, unethical. Some of us has felt filthy by unpleasant looks and offensive comments or unwelcome touch.

It all has left a stain on our souls, no matter how hard we try to wash it, it will never fade away.

The only way, is to embrace it and make promise to ourselves that never let it happen again.